Things A Virtual Assistant Can Handle Or Assist You With

    Wearing too many hats as an entrepreneur is one of the major reasons why you are struggling to grow your business. You do everything! You work from the sun up to the sun down and even through the night just to get all things done. It’s exhausting and uses a lot of your[…]

Understanding Instagram Algorithm: 10 Key Factors And What Should You Do

Instagram Algorithm. People are still in the process of accepting the reality of the Facebook News Feed algorithm and now, they have Instagram Algorithm to deal with too. Just like Facebook, this Instagram update was met with mix feelings: frustration, because users will have no choice but to adjust to the changes in their feed;[…]

Google Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Snapchat: best messaging apps for you

Best Messaging Apps For You: Everyone needs somebody with whom you can share your own personal secrets, feelings and many other things. In this modern time internet and technology have thoroughly changed the way we commonly spend our time and share our happiness with our friends and family members. For all these things, the best[…]

Effective Networking: What is it and How to do it

What is Networking You acquaint with a person or a group of people who are like minded and can mutually benefit with resources that they will use otherwise can go wasted. Interact with others and exchange information to create business, social, economical, political and even personal opportunities. Let’s take examples of business networking and social[…]

Best use of social media in politics

Social media has become an important part of marketing business strategy.  We can check the hypothesis that social media benefits an election outcome in a positive way.  However, we are not doing this today.  We know that it does so.  This post will tell you how some popular elections were won using this powerful tools[…]